Rosalind Schneider - Tree Fantasy #4

2009 - 26 x 38 - Digital Fusion Painting - $4500 Rosalind Schneider Statement: I seek to create work that transcends its source to form a new reference to a visionary landscape. The moving stream of video imagery provides unlimited options for consideration. I use digital technology to redefine the structure and color of the original video frame. This is the first step in the exploration of image. The painting enters its second stage with drawing, paint and glass particle collage.  It is my intent to grow the painting organically from within its roots. These dimensional paintings speak to their origins in moving image to create a new reality that is both still and moving. The glass-collaged surface creates an illusionary layer that carries forth color and captures light. A sense of movement is created by the viewer’s position as well as the light source. These hybrid works create a dialogue between paint and photography so that each is altered by the others presence. This work reflects my continued interest in challenging the nature of perceived realities.  

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