January 7, 2016

In early December, audio/video systems designer Art Powers Jr. had a “soft opening” for a new retail concept — “an audio and video store in an art gallery” at 101 Mill Street in Greenwich. In so doing, local artists now have a new opportunity to share their work, and those who appreciate fine audio, video and “whole house automation” have a new resource as well. Art & Sound is now open to the public, and a formal opening reception planned for Friday evening, Jan. 8, from 6-9 p.m. will celebrate its arrival in Southern Connecticut and feature the works of local Greenwich Artist Thomas Misisco.

“We are a local business where local artists, local audio equipment builders and those making products in the USA are brought together to present their sonic and visual creativity,” said Powers. “Whether on canvas or on an album, or in the equipment that produced that album, people who visit our store will experience a blending of the visual, environmental and aural art available to them aswhole house custom audio and video solutions. And, if you can source products from your local area, it’ll cut down on waste carbon. Think of the carbon footprint we leave behind every time we order something from across the country, or overseas.”

A sculptor, avid motorcyclist, musician and home audio expert, Powers has worked for 35 years in his family’s high-end custom home audio and video integration business with his father. Powers is now presenting “whole house audio, video and home automation systems” as well as a carefully curated array of locally manufactured luxury audio and video products, in his new store and art gallery. “Individually owned stores like Art & Sound can work with you on a personal level,” said Powers. “They recognize you when you walk in, and you become part of the family.” “It makes perfect sense to present our extraordinary sound and home automation solutions in an environment of artistic creativity. Add a glass of fine wine, and the experience is complete!” quipped